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2022 Photo Workshop in the woodland

Chasing wild garlic images. While being chased by insects.

In our workshop "Sea of blossoms" Michael Breitung and I led the participants through a little German forest, looking for locations to photograph wild garlic. And we found plenty of great spots.

Photo of wild garlic, made during a workshop in Germany
Damped light: Good for amplifying mood and atmosphere in Photoshop.

Well, for being honest: Of course we halfway knew where to go, as that's part of the preparation process of a successful landscape photography shoot. Michael and I had gone out into the forest at 6 a.m. (so much for the topic of "comfort zone").

Eventually we found a whole lot more hot spots than we could shoot this half day. So we concentrated on those, that were near to us (I have marked all other locations in Gaia GPS for next year).

Sunstar trough branches with wild garlic in the foreground
Choosing a small aperture (f16 or more) to get a sunstar.

Not that you really need the sun for shooting in the forest. Quite the contrary: Harsh sunlight can make things hard to shoot because of the high dynamic range.

Anyway, the sun peeking through the trees gave us the opportunity to shoot some nice sunstar photos in combination with the vast fields of wild garlic.

Michael explaining stuff to a participant

We exercised subjects like image composition in a cluttered woodland, getting the exposure right, focus stacking for getting the image sharp from front to back, and more. Maybe we have also hardened ourselves as far as mosquitoes and ticks are concerned.

We could have easily spent the day in the forest, but with our feet hurting and empty stomachs we called it a day around 1 p.m. Having some good Thai food and taking a sneak peak of our woodland images wen ended the 2023 workshop.

Wild garlic between two trees, being lit by the morning sun
The result of 3 focus stacked images: Sharpness from near to far.

Woodland photography might be one of the harder areas of landscape photography. Anyway, those wild garlic fields of spring not only simplify compositions, but they also look really beautiful.

There are so many more opportunities waiting in this little heavenly forest. Good stuff for our 2024 spring workshop. See you there!

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