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Top 101 Award @ ILPOTY

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

I am so happy to have made it into the top 101 entries at the INTERNATIONAL LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Award 2023. My image will be in the printed book which is a great honor.

I entered the award with three images first. Then, only one week before the deadline, I shot an image that seemed strong to me. Actually, this image felt like one of the best images I ever shot. So I did a fourth entry shortly before closure. Luckily!

I really have been working hard the last year to become a better photographer. And the thing is: Even with people telling me that they like my images - I find it hard to assess how "good" my images are from a professional point of view. Therefore, international recognition is a good thing.

Will anything change now? I guess not. I won‘t become a professional full-time photographer. But I will put more energy in offering my experience, writing, teaching and giving workshops.

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