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Winter, ice and snow provide a lot of opportunities for landscape photography. If only it weren't for the freezing cold. Sometimes you have to force yourself out of the comfort zone in order to get the right compositions. Putting your feet in ice cold water for a long exposure. Leaving your gloves off to operate the camera, even if your fingers are already numb. Only later you come to realize that it was worth it. Probably.

Dunes in the sunset with mountain range
Icelandic church with northern lights
Jökulsárlón in Iceland
Icelandic beach in moody weather
Fence in a snow storm
Road on iceland leading to mountains
Huts at a lake in Bavaria in fall
Small waterfall in the French Alps
Gnarly trees in a winter landscape
Taunus forest in winter
Cactus in the desert backlit by the sun
Desert with misty mountain range in the background
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